This letter, written to Khân-i khânân Abdurrahîm Khân, informs that man was created so as to be civilized, that man needs others in order to be civilized and live, that man's superiority lies in this need of his, and communicates some other things like these:

Hamd be to Allâhu ta'âlâ and salâm to those slaves whom He has chosen and loved! I pray to Allâhu ta'âlâ that you may attain visible and invisible goodness. For, your being good and superior causes a number of Muslims to be good and comfortable. To pray for your goodness, therefore, means to pray for the goodness of a number of Muslims. May Allâhu ta'âlâ, for the sake of the master of Prophets 'alaihi wa alaihim wa alâ âl-i kullin minassalawâti afdaluhâ wa minnattaslîmâti akmaluhâ', protect you against anything which is not worthy of you! Being aware of your perfect and mature love, attachment and ikhlâs towards the great men of Silsila-i aliyya-i naqshibandiyya 'qaddasallâhu ta'âlâ asrârahum', I will give you a headache by writing these things here. My dear sir! Travellers of this exalted way have become gharîb (lonely, desolate), and have decreased in number in this country [in India]. Bid'ats having been mixed with the paths of today's men of tarîqat, and, thus, they having been corrupted, the people have no longer been able to know the great men who have been holding fast to Rasûlullah's sunnat. On account of this unawareness, and because the majority of the travellers of this way are short-sighted, they have mixed this exalted way also with bid'ats. Through these bid'ats, they have tried to win the hearts of the people. By doing so, they thought, they would mature this Tariqa-i aliyya.May Allah forbid, it is quite wrong! They have been trying to demolish, lose this exalted path. They have not understood how the great superiors of this path were. May Allâhu ta'âlâ bless them with the right way! There are very few of the great superiors of this Silsila-i aliyya left in this country. Those who are on this path and who love this path must help the true Khalîfas of the great superiors of this path and the true disciples of this path, and must run to their rescue. For, man has been created so as to be civilized. In order to be civilized and live, he needs others. Allâhu ta'âlâ declares in the sixty-fourth âyat of Anfâl Sûra, "O my Prophet! Allâhu ta'âlâ and the Believers who are with you are sufficient for you!" Thus, He informs that the Believers are sufficient for helping the Best of Mankind. Hence, it is understood that it is necessary to help others. Rich people of our time think that being a dervish is not to need anybody else. It is a wrong understanding. Man means needy. Not only men but also all creatures are needy. In fact, man's goodness, beauty, arises from his being needy. Also, man's being a slave, his broken heart are the results of his being needy. If man were not needy, he would be disobedient, excessive, unbridled. Allâhu ta'âlâ declares in the sûra of Iqra', "When man is without any needs, for certain he will become excessive!" Those faqîrs who have freed their hearts from being attached to creatures, when they need to cling to causes express their needs to the Owner and Creator of the needs. When they get the causes, they know them to be from Him. They say that it is always He who sends or who does not send. For many orders and benefits, Allâhu ta'âlâ creates everything through causes. He states that those who cause goodness are good and those who cause evil are evil. It is for this reason that the great superiors of this path have been thanking the causes or complaining about them. Outwardly, they have been deeming goodness and evil to be from the causes. If Allâhu ta'âlâ had created everything directly without any causes there would not be any order in the universe, everything would be all mixed up. O our Allah! Thou never creates anything corrupt or out of order!

It is such a great blessing that my dear brother Sayyid Mîr Muhammad Nu'mân, who is a protector of the Sharî'at, who knows the haqîqats and who is an owner of ma'rifats, is at a place close to you. Appreciate the value of being blessed with his closeness to you. Appreciate the value of being blessed with his prayers and tawajjuh! I think the basis, the foundation of your government, of your power, is his barakat, fayd and tawajjuh. I see him to be your helper, your savior, when he is far from you as well as when he is with you. For more than a year he has been writing to this faqîr [Hadrat Imâm-i Rabbânî] about the states you have been in. In his every letter, he writes about your love and ikhlâs towards this faqîr. He wrote that the power for governing the place had been given to someone else and that was the time for tawajjuh and help. Upon reading the letter, this faqîr paid my tawajjuh in this way. It was revealed that you were at a very high ranking position. Just then somebody was about to set out. So the returning letter included only the statement saying that Khân-i khânân was seen at a very high rank. Allâhu ta'âlâ alone makes, creates everything! Wassalâm.