The Thieves of Faith

It is impossible to escape torment in the Hereafter for those who deviate as much as a hair's breadth from the creed and îmân communicated by the Ahl-i sunnat scholars, the great and pious people. It is understood with the intellect, throughout the Qur'ân al-kerîm and hadîth-i-sherîfs and with the great religious men's perceptions through the heart that this is so. There cannot be a mistake in this. Words and books of those who deviate as much as a hair's breadth from what these great people communicated in their books are poisons. Those who use the religion as a means in order to earn worldly possessions and who, after introducing themselves as men of religion, write whatever occurs to their minds, are thieves of the religion. They steal the beliefs of those who read their books and magazines. Those who believe them think of themselves as Muslims and perform namâz. However, because their îmân has been stolen and lost, none of their prayers, worships nor good deeds are accepted or will be of value in the next world.

Concerning those who sell their religion for the world, Allahu ta'âlâ revealed the sixteenth Âyat of Sûrat-ul-Baqara: "The ignorant idiots gave away their religion in order to get the pleasures and enjoyment of the world. Selling out their next world, they received the world and what their lusts desired. Abandoning the way to salvation, they ran after perdition. They earned nothing in this act of buying and selling of theirs. They didn't know the way of trading or earning. They lost a great deal."