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It is not an Islamic commandment to wear an engagement ring. It is being worn as a cherished custom. It is stated in the book Kimyâ-i-se’âdet: “You should avoid sitting at a meal-table where there is a man wearing a gold ring on his finger, and, (supposing you are to join other Muslims about to perform a prayer of namâz in jamâ’at,) when you see a man doing so in the first line you should slip back to the second line. This eschewal should be had recourse to also with people with other habits that are harâm.”

It is permissible to keep gold and silver articles in one’s home, so long as they are not used.

It is not permissible to eat out of untinned copper, bronze and brass containers. Earthenware and porcelain dishes and cups are preferable. It is permissible to use tinned containers or containers made of other metals or plastic containers. Also permissible to use are gold and silver frameworks and other wares ornamented with gold and/or silver pieces adhered to them or wires wound round them. It is permissible to handle them by touching their gold-orsilver ornamented parts, yet it is not permissible to touch those parts with your mouth or to sit on them. It is permissible to use containers or other houseware covered with very thin and inseparable layers of gold or silver like galvanized or gilded wares.