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The following information is written in the abridged version of Tadhkira-i-Qurtubî: Rasûlullah ‘sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sal-lam’ said, “Do not raise instigation ‘fitna!’ Raising instigation by speech is like raising instigation through the sword. Instigations caused by sinners (fâjirs) and tyrants (zâlims) through backbiting, lying, and slandering of others are more harmful than the instigation caused through the sword.” Almost all scholars inform us unanimously that even those who are compelled into such difficult circumstances as they have no other choice but save their lives and property, should not rebel against the government and laws of the land. For, hadîth-i-sherîfs command us to be patient against oppressive governments. Imâm al-Muhammad ash-Shaybânî ‘rahimahullâhu ta’âlâ’ informs us that Rasûlullah ‘sall- Allâhu ’alaihi wa sal-lam’ said the following prayer (duâ), “Allâhumma innî as’aluka fi’lal khayrât wa tarkalmunkarât wa hubbalmasâkin wa izâ aradta fitnatan fî kawmî fa-tawaffanî gayra maftûn.” The meaning of this prayer is: “Oh my Lord! Bless me with the lot of performing good deeds, avoiding harmful deeds, and sympathising with the poor! When You decree to create instigation among my nation, take my soul before I become involved in that instigation!” As imâm al-Qurtubî ‘rahimahullâhu ta’âlâ points out, this hadîth-i-sherîf shows that it is necessary to avoid instigation so much so that it is better to die instead of getting involved in instigation.