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More than 270,000 Muslim religious scholars were killed. Others were exiled to camps in Siberia, where a cold temperature of 65°C below zero reigns. As for the religious people, more than three million people were martyred on account of their religious beliefs in Turkestan, alone. When they entered Afghanistan in December 1979, the Russians immediately attacked the villages. They confiscated all sorts of food, clothing, househould utensils and jewellery. They killed the Muslims they came across, women and children alike. For example, when they entered the town of Kunday with tanks, they bombarded the great mosque with artillery and martyred hundreds of Muslims while they were praying.

The above-given figures on the communists’ terrible massacre or banishment to Siberian camps of those who opposed the revolution and paganism portray an alarming scene of savagery that should be a lesson for all humanity.



In the cities of Bukhara, Semerkand, Kakant, Kazan, Khiva, Ufa, Baku, Tashkent, Bakhchisarai, Derbent, Timirhan, Kashgar, Almasta, Tirmi, etc., which had been ornamented with monuments by the Turks after their embracing Islam and had been turned into masterpieces of the East by Islamic architecture, the communists seized all religious works, mainly copies of the Qur’ân al-kerîm and the books of Hadîth ashsherîf, and shamelessly and mercilessly tore, trampled, and burned them in the streets. Also, after ordering the people to give the religious, national and historial books they had been keeping to the State, they confiscated these books and likewise destroyed them. Meanwhile, some Muslims ran the risk of life and, instead of giving their books to this murderous and villainous gang, buried them in chests. In the process of these events, thousands of religious people who would not hand over their books were martyred.