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It is at the grade called Fanâ-i-qalb that the ’ilm-i-husûlî ceases to exist. And when the ’ilm-i-hudhûrî ceases to exist the Fanâ-inafs takes place; it is the perfect Fanâ, the true Fanâ. The Fanâ-iqalb is like the image, the shadow of the Fanâ-i-nafs. For, the ’ilmi-husûlî is the shadow, the image of the ’ilm-i-hudhûrî. Therefore, the Fanâ of the ’ilm-i-husûlî, i.e. its ceasing to exist, is the shadow, the appearance of the Fanâ of the ’ilm-i-hudhûrî. When the ’ilm-ihudhûrî attains its Fanâ, the nafs attains itmi’nân. (That is, it attains a state of maturity in which) it is pleased with Allâhu ta’âlâ. And Allâhu ta’âlâ in turn is pleased with it. After the Baqâ and the return, the nafs is given the task of guiding the disciples and leading them to kemâl (maturity, perfection). (At this grade) the nafs becomes blessed with the ability to make jihâd and ghazâ against all four of the anâsir-i-erbe’a (four elements), which exist in the human body and which are quite different from one another and at loggerheads with one another in their desires, inclinations, properties, and preferences, so much so that things wanted by any one of them bear no similarity to any of the needs of any of the other three. None of the other nine components of the body can attain this blessing. If the energy in the human body increases, the body will become like a fiend and induce its owner to say, “Aren’t I peerless?” And a nafs that has attained itmi’nân will make jihâd against it and save its owner, man, from that nuisance. The other vicious properties in the human nature such as lust, wrath, etc. exist in other animals, too. The nafs will tame them as well, turning them into useful versions. Subhân-Allah! How amazing it is that the nafs, which is the worst of the ten latîfas, develops into being the best of them and, to the bargain, makes jihâd, (i.e. fights, struggles,) against vices. It is stated in a hadîth-i-sherîf: “Among you, the ones who were good in the time of jâhiliyya, (i.e. before the advent of Islam,) will also be the best ones after learning Islam!”