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Allâhu ta’âlâ pities all human beings in the world. He creates and sends everyone the blessings they need. He also teaches them how to use these blessings to attain happiness of this world and the next. Imâm ar-Rabbânî ‘rahimahullâhu ta’âlâ, in his 259th letter informs us that those disbelievers who never heard of Islam will not be punished in Hell. They will be annihilated along with the animals after their Judgement. People who hear about Islam and ponder about it, and then accept it will be blessed with Paradise. He gave a lifelong time-span for pondering. He forgives those who become believers after lapsing into disbelief and deviation, which are mostly consequent upon self-deceit, which in turn is exacerbated by evil company, seditious books and subversive radio (and television) broadcasts. He saves them from eternal disasters. He does not show the path of salvation to tyrants, wicked and depraved people. He lets them stay in the pit of denial that they have fallen into and which they like and desire. In the next world, He will forgive whom He wishes among the Believers who deserve to go to Hell, and will send them to Paradise after they are punished in Hell for their sins. He is the only One who creates all living beings, keeps them in existence every moment, and protects them against fear and horror.