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If they do not follow the path guided by those whom they claim to love, their love will not be true. One should be friends with pious people in whom one has confidence in terms of faith and probity. Jews and Christians say that they love their prophets. But, since they are not following their path and, instead, following the wrong paths concocted by the Jewish religious authorities (hahams) and priests, they will not be together with their prophets in the next world. Even worse, they will go to Hell. The book Could not Answer published by Hakikat Kitabevi explains subjects regarding Jews and Christians in depth. Lofty souls attract people they love up toward spiritual heights. Conversely, lower spirits attract them down to lower levels. A person can understand where his spirit will go after his death by looking to his friends in the world today. A person loves another person either because of his nature or because his reasoning (’aql) requires him to love that person or on account of the kindnesses he received from him or for the sake of Allâhu ta’âlâ. Souls of people who love each other in the world attract each other. Similarly, they will also attract each other in the next world. Enes bin Malik ‘radiy-Allâhu ’anh’ states that no news made Muslims happier than did the news reported in the hadîth-i-sherîf quoted above. Those who love disbelievers will go to Hell with them. One cannot help following the path guided by a person one loves. The strongest sign of one’s loving someone is to love what he loves and dislike those things he does not like.