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Repeat the beautiful word ‘Lâ ilâha illa’llâh’ many, many times! Perform this dhikr with your heart! This blessed word is very beneficial in clearing the heart. Everything but Allâhu ta’âlâ is annihilated when half of this beautiful word is uttered, and the existence of the true ma’bûd (who is worshipped) is announced when the remaining half is said. And sair and sulûk, that is, advance on the way of tasawwuf, are for attaining these two. It was declared in a hadîth sharîf, ‘The most valuable word is Lâ ilâha illa’llâh.’ Do not be in the company of many people! Worship much! Cling tightly to Rasûlullâh’s Sunna! Avoid bida’ and men of bida’ very much! Both the good and the wicked can do good deeds, but solely the siddîqs abstain from bad things.

Descending and ascending does not make you closer,
To get closer to Haqq means to cease existing!